From early beginnings as a hedonistic, graphic designer in the 90s, earning extra cash by designing flyers and vinyl album covers for her friends, Jane was always passionate about putting pragmatism into her work. Sticking with the mantra of Stephen Bayley, in his book ‘In Good Shape’, that form should follow function, she always had the user in the forefront of her mind with whatever she’s produced.

This ethos was consolidated when she learnt to write html in ’94 at the start of the Internet revolution and she hasn’t looked back since. Having spent over 10 years designing and building websites, she began the second part of her career focusing on building teams of talented individuals to continue where she had left off; facilitating the building of more complex and sophisticated websites and applications, coordinating teams with specialist digital skills, delivering to an increasingly wide range of accessible devices.

She continues to concentrate on creating great user experiences, by coaching and nurturing teams of people to work effectively together – as a good team is greater than the sum of its parts. She specialises in agile digital delivery, as well acting as coach and scrum master, helping organisations to achieve effective results and transform to this highly effective and proven way of working.