Las has always had a flair for good design and spent his youth designing cars of the future – he was always ahead of his time. Having lived in the bright lights and big city of London in his early 20’s he decided to return to the Midlands, where he enrolled on the country’s first multimedia degree course. And so began his journey into a world of cutting-edge CD-ROMS and 3D graphics, riding on the wave of the internet revolution, exploring virtual reality and flying the flag for 3D printing.

Las soon found himself moving into more managerial positions, running programmes of work in various sectors and moving away from the hands-on work that he loved, but in the process discovering he had a real skill for teaching others how to do the work he had done before. This naturally drew him into the field of education, where he found himself at the forefront of virtual learning implementation and educational innovation which have changed the way we learn forever.

This is the space where he has continued to specialise, producing high quality learning materials, giving advice and guidance on how to deliver online teaching and sharing his extensive knowledge of the latest in e-learning technologies.